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New Razorback Fan Hero Discovered At College World Series

There has been a growing Hall of Fame of Razorback fans discovered during crowd shots during games. During Monday night's baseball game against South Carolina, we were introduced to a new member. He's got some anger. He's got Macho Man-level intensity. His Hog Calling is forceful and precise. Here he is:

We're told by MammothHog on Twitter that he's a former football player for Lou Holtz and goes by the name of, of course, Bubba. The postgame victory party had to have been fierce. Likely with piles of meat and home brewed beer out of a keg.

He joins a long and dignified list of notable Hog Callers:

The president and leader of this club is, of course, Bubba Hawg:

He's joined by fans like Shirtless Celebrating Hog Fan At The A&M Game.

We're fans of Hog fans having good times, so keep up the good work guys.

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