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Fashion Week in Fayetteville

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Arkansas Uniforms
Arkansas Uniforms

Does the devil wear Prada or a hog? Is it the catwalk or the hogwalk? Is a football jersey considered ready to wear? Well, haha, I don't know if those questions are really being asked in Fayetteville and throughout Hog Nation this week. But people are asking one another what they think of the new football uniforms that Nike and the university have unveiled for the 2012 campaign. And we are doing the same here at the blog (see poll). I am going to go ahead and throwout there what is probably minority opinion. I am much more the traditionalist and would prefer that we stuck to just cardinal and white for our uniforms and the traditional red helmet with white hog. I have no use for all the gray that crept into the uniform with this newest design change. Take the gray "Arkansas" on the white uniforms, for example. You can hardly see it! Same thing for the white hog (red outlined) on the white helmet. They could have at least made it a red hog. As they say in the fashion world, it would have "popped" much better. But, hey, we traditionalists are just going to have drink our Pepsi Cola and get used to the new look, I suppose.