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A Modest Proposal For The Next Home Game

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Like you and Razorback fans everywhere, I went through the weekend wondering what is going through the mind of one, Jeff Long. The Chancellor, members of the Board of Trust, the big money boosters, the lawyers at the UofA, I've been wondering about all of them as well, but I think it is Jeff Long's impulse to fire or retain that is where everything starts or ends for Bobby Petrino as head coach, post motorcycle ride. I like it that Long is taking his time. There is no rush needed here for such a big decision. The missiles are not 15 minutes out from impacting in Fayetteville.

For whatever happens, here is my modest proposal. It is a proposal for some semblance of modesty. The next time the Hogs run through the "A," have the PA announcer say either pronoun ("your" or "our") instead of "Bobby Petrino's Arkansas Razorbacks" or whoever the coach is when they next run out on the field. The trouble with Nutt is that he thought he was bigger than the Razorbacks. And this seems to be the case with Petrino as well. The Razorbacks have been playing football since 1894 and have at the end of the day always belonged to the state of Arkansas, not the numerous coaches that came and went through the years . Coaches come, and coaches go. The players keep playing. The fans keep cheering. And the towers of Old Main watch over it all. These are not Bobby Petrino's Arkansas Razorbacks.

I have a theory, half baked, I admit, that one of the reasons you don't see strongmen rise up in this country and threaten to takeover like you see in other countries is that we as a nation do a good job of channeling that impulse through Hollywood directors and football coaches, haha. Both professions invite a certain ego type that expects you to say "how high?" when asked to jump. This invites them to think they can treat people however they wish and get away with whatever they want, just so long as they win games / sell tickets and make money. The literally multi-million dollar question is will Petrino be told that he has gone too far in the form of a firing or another set of punishments short of a firing? Oh, to be a modest fly on certain walls in Fayetteville right now!