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Would You Hire This Man Today If You Could?

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Hog fans, this has been some week, to say the least. We went from the fear that Bobby Petrino might have lost his life from a motorcycle accident, to the comfort of knowing that he was going to be okay, to disgust and amazement that he would cheat on his wife ("inappropriate relationship") and lie to his boss and the state of Arkansas about an instance that was going to be made public in a police report. Lots of conflicted thoughts right now for me. The fire Bobby Petrino and keep him sides of the argument both have good points. I would hate to be in Jeff Long's shoes at the moment, for the making of that decision. He is going to be damned either way by somebody. And that somebody is going to have a good point.

But if Jeff Long could pull the hire Garrick McGee card out of his pocket and play it, I wonder if he would? Garrick left last fall for UAB and his first head coaching job, so I don't think he is readily available to come back and replace Petrino. But if I had to trust somebody to take over the program right now and have a good chance of keeping the wins coming and restoring a very damaged reputation, it would be Garrick McGee.