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Farewell, Julysses Nobles

It was announced this afternoon that Julysses Nobles was leaving the Razorback basketball program. The news was distributed via the sort of pretty press release in which all parties claim to love and respect each other as well as wish everybody luck in the future. That may or may not be how people actually feel, but whatever.

Nobles was, like many of the players recruited and signed by John Pelphrey, often maligned by the Hogball fan base. I, however, was a Nobles supporter. He was inconsistent offensively, as evidenced by his career-high 24 points against Mississippi State in Fayetteville this year, only to lay a goose-egg against the Bulldogs in Starkville two months later. But I always enjoyed him on defense. I loved watching him get a quick steal simply by snatching the ball out of an oppenent's hand. Sometimes, he'd get called for a cheap foul while trying to do that, a whistle that wouldn't have blown during the more physical 90s.

It's no coincidence that arguably the best stretch of his career, averaging 11.5 points per game over 9 games in January 2012, was the same time many were thinking Arkansas had a legit shot at the NCAA tournament. I might be wrong about this, but he was never in trouble during the days when it seemed each basketball player was suspended for something. That in and of itself is worth a round of applause. Good luck to you, Julysses. I hope you're able to finish your degree somewhere.