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Bobby Petrino: The Aftermath

No, Bobby Petrino didn't get the wild notion to take a walk down some peach named street in Atlanta, which might have resulted in the same outcome. Instead, this is how he appeared after surviving a motorcycle accident on Sunday evening. That he is in the condition to even hold a press conference, I am sure he is grateful for, as we all are. And we here at Arkansasexpats wish him a speedy recovery. I have to say that I grimaced when I read in some publication just after he arrived here that one of his hobbies was riding motorcycles. I was hoping for chess or checkers! I am pretty sure he'll get back on a bike in the future, but I hope at least he wears a helmet when he does, something which the state of Arkansas actually does not require, but good sense does. One final observation, Sugar Bowl hat? I hope the accident didn't knock him back to the 2010 season! Bobby, tell me you remember last year.