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The Other Side Of The Coaching Coin: Weber State

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From an Arkansas fan's perspective, I count myself amongst those who see the positives more than any negatives in the hiring of John L. Smith to be the head coach in 2012. As others have pointed out, he brings experience with our players, experience with our staff, and head coaching experience. Experience, all around! And the prevailing opinion is that he knows the importance of not getting in the way of the assistants and the players and will let them do their jobs. To boot, he is something of a character, but hopefully not as much of a character as was the head coach before Petrino.

With that said, I think we would be in the wrong if he we didn't acknowledge here that there are also some young men in Utah who are experiencing the exact opposite of Knile Davis' best day of his life upon hearing the news that John L. Smith is leaving Weber State after just just four months on the job. If you want to see who they are, I put the roster after the jump.

It is a cut-throat business, college football. But it is also one where people doing the cutting like to pretend and have you believe that this is all about the players and raising young boys into young men, yadda, yadda, yadda. But money and ego are really the true shoes upon which coaches do most of their walking, when it comes right down to it. When Petrino left the millionaire players on the Falcons with three games left in the season (not middle of the season, ESPN), that was easier to explain away, that being a pro sport where there is little pretense of loyalty. But John L. Smith left players who were counting on him to be their coach in the fall. And none of them have millionaire salaries to fall back on either. Just think for a moment how we would all feel if a coach did the same thing to an Arkansas team at this time of year.

Think about this scenario as well. What if Jeff Long had said this to John L. Smith when he volunteered to come back to Arkansas: "Coach, I appreciate your offer. I really do. I am really in a fix at the moment. But I just can't in good conscience take a head coach from another team, no matter what level, at this time of year. Those young men at Weber State are counting on you. You best attend to them. I'll promote somebody from within or get somebody not in coaching at the moment. Thanks for the offer." Didn't happen. And in this dog-eat-dog business of coaching, it probably would not have happened at most other schools either.

So where does that leave us? I certainly wish Weber State the best in finding a new coach at this time of year. I hope that person fits in with the current players there. You know, I don't expect to ever get much help if my car, with Razorback stickers on it, should ever breakdown in Ogden, Utah, that's for sure. On second thought, I probably should just forever avoid passing through there. But am I not going to purchase tickets after making my donation to the foundation as a way of protesting the treatment of the Weber State players? No. For I also love and support our own players. The least I think we can do, however, is remember that this initially is not a win-win for everybody involved. We've poached a coach. And as football karma likes to strike in Fayetteville like nowhere else it seems, we probably should batten down the hatches for what will come next.

14 Jordan Adamczyk QB 6-1 205 Jr. Canyon Country, California (Canyons)
94 Jalin Ames DE 6-3 230 RFr. West Jordan, UT (Juan Diego)
24 Josh Booker RB 6-0 215 Jr. Oklahoma City, OK (Putnam North)
54 Austin Butler OG 6-2 285 So. Grantsville, Utah (Stansbury)
75 Ged Carrington OT 6-3 295 Sr. Valencia, California (Pierce(CA) JC) (Valencia)
60 Kaesey Child OL - RJr.
5 Jordan Clemente TE 6-4 215 Jr. Tooele, Utah (Tooele)
25 Barrinton Collins RB 5-9 185 So. Corona, California (Centennial)
88 Curtis Cosgrove TE 6-3 255 Jr. Brigham City, UT (Box Elder HS)
6 Robbie Diamond CB 6-0 175 Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Putnam)
95 Ryan Eastman DT 6-0 285 Sr. Honolulu, HI (Saint Louis)
12 Tony Epperson S 6-4 215 Jr. Park City, Utah (Park City)
33 Karl Finai RB 5-11 225 So. Kearns, Utah (Kearns)
57 Malone Fiso DT 6-0 270 Jr. Laie, Hawai'i (Kahuku)
32 Trifon Gochis S 5-10 205 Jr. Tooele, Utah (Tooele)
9 Jarret Gooden CB 5-10 170 Sr. Richmond, CA (C. of San Mateo / UTEP) (Benicia)
97 Jeff Gueck DE 6-3 235 So. Springville, Utah (Springville)
29 Willie Harris LB 6-0 220 Sr. Layton, Utah (Layton)
42 Sifa Heimuli FB 5-11 230 So. Kahuku, Hawai'i (Kahuku)
23 Jarred Henry LB 6-2 210 Jr. Columbia, Missouri (Rockbridge)
11 Mike Hoke QB 6-2 220 Sr. Kailua, Hawai'i (Kamehameha)
20 David James CB 5-11 185 Sr. Edmond, Oklahoma (Edmond Memorial)
13 Brian Jankowski TE 6-4 255 Sr. Idaho Falls, Idaho (Skyline)
35 Devonte Johnson WR 6-0 165 RFr. Denver, Colorado (South)
4 Xavian Johnson WR 6-0 180 So. Las Vegas, Nevada (Cheyenne)
79 Alex Jones OL - Fr.
85 Shaydon Kehano WR 5-11 180 Jr. Kaneohe, Hawai'i (Castle)
43 Luke King LB 6-0 200 So. Salt Lake City, UT (Cottonwood)
62 Cash Knight DT 6-3 280 So. Park City, Utah (Park City)
51 Alex Land OG 6-4 295 So. Edmond, Oklahoma (Santa Fe)
17 Breck Lewis QB 6-1 195 Unk Spanish Fork, UT (Spanish Fork)
16 Ben Maraz QB 6-2 210 RFr. Phoenix, Arizona (Sunnyslope)
10 Kela Marciel CB 5-10 180 Jr. Kailua, Hawai'i ('Iolani)
53 Dustin Martin LB 6-3 220 So. Liberty, UT (Weber)
48 Allan Mathews FB - RSo.
49 Shaun McClain K / P 6-3 215 Jr. Redlands, California (Redlands)
45 Nick Merhish LB - RFr.
44 Anthony Morales MLB 6-0 230 Jr. Edmond, OK (Edmond Memorial)
18 Danny Mullarkey DE 6-3 250 Jr. Phoenix, Arizona (Desert Vista)
92 Connor Myers DT 6-0 280 So. Edmond, Oklahoma (Edmond Memorial)
89 Chase Nakamura WR 6-3 180 Jr. Wailuku, HI (Utah) (HP Baldwin)
2 Willie Okwuonu S 6-0 200 Jr. Edmond, Oklahoma (Edmond Santa Fe)
98 Shane Oliverson DT 6-4 245 Fr. Hyde Park, UT (Preston)
58 Obi Owoh LB 6-2 220 RFr. Roswell, Georgia (Roswell)
28 Adam Padilla CB 5-7 175 RFr. La Mirada, California (St. Paul )
19 Lanny Papanikolas WR 6-0 185 Sr. Salt Lake City, UT (Cal Poly / Saddleback) (Skyline)
7 Kris Parham RB 5-8 180 Sr. Oklahoma City, OK (Ventura (CA)) (Bishop McGuinnes)
18 Tyler Parson QB 6-0 175 RFr. Bountiful, UT (Woods Cross)
46 Trevor Pletcher DE 6-2 245 Sr. Edmond, Oklahoma (Edmond Santa Fe)
3 Devin Pugh CB 5-10 175 So. Tulsa, Oklahoma (Jenks)
31 Jamie Rigby S 5-10 175 So. Bountiful, Utah (Bountiful)
68 Shelton Robinson OT 6-3 275 So. Pocatello, Idaho (Highland)
99 Adam Sagapolutele-White DT 5-11 290 Sr. Waipahu, Hawai'i (Saint Louis)
41 Ceejay Santos K / P 6-1 205 So. Wailuku, HI (HP Baldwin)
96 Veteson Sauni DT 6-0 285 Jr. Laie, Hawai'i (Kahuku)
27 Tony Schmitz LB 6-0 245 Jr. Boise, Idaho (Boise)
39 Brandon Smith S - Fr.
38 Zane Smith TE 6-4 220 So. Salt Lake City, UT (Brighton)
66 Bradley Spencer K / P - RSr.
21 Antwain Stutson CB 6-1 200 Sr. Pomona, California (Montclair)
86 Darchon Taggart WR 6-2 175 So. Bountiful, Utah (Woods Cross)
71 Jiniki Timoteo OG 6-3 310 Jr. Waipahu, Hawai'i (Leilehua)
70 Tytan Timoteo OT 6-1 310 Sr. Waianae, Hawai'i (Saint Louis)
22 C.J. Tuckett RB 5-10 200 Sr. Malta, Idaho (Raft River)
76 Justin Turner DT 6-3 245 RFr. Layton, UT (Layton)
50 Roman Valenzuela LB 6-0 220 RFr. South Jordan, Utah (Bingham)
83 Erik Walker WR 5-10 175 Jr. Park City, Utah (Park City)
84 Marquis Walters WR 6-0 180 RFr. Del City, Oklahoma (Del City)
91 James Washington DE 6-5 250 So. Kearns, Utah (Cottonwood HS)
37 Chris Wheeler S 6-0 175 Jr. Templeton, CA (Allan Hancock JC)