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Bobby Petrino in Motorcycle Accident: News Reports in Arkansas Say

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After yesterday's post, I assure you that this is not some sick attempt at an Aprils' Fools Day joke on my part. KARK Channel 4 and KATV Channel 7 out of Little Rock both have reports on their websites stating that Arkansas State Troopers have confirmed that Bobby Petrino was in a motorcycle accident last night around 6:45 PM. No reports yet on his status other than that he was in an accident. Let's all hope that it is nothing too serious. Personally, I have never been a fan of the motorcycle. They bring the old fart out in me. Just too dangerous, helmet or no helmet. I'll update this post as I get information.

UPDATE: ESPN's Joe Schad via Twitter has stated that the injuries were not life threatening, but Petrino is "pretty banged up." Schad says Petrino is focused on getting back to practice, but it could take some time to recover. Nothing "Official" yet has been released from the university or the Petrino family about the accident or Bobby Petrino's condition. But the Schad report is comforting.

UPDATE II: Arkansas Democrat Gazette's Tom Murphy has posted on twitter that "Source close to situation said Bobby Petrino had multiple broken ribs 'all kinds of cuts and bruises,' neck sprain, but going to be ok."