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Hog Call Podcast: Bobby Petrino's Motorcycle Madness

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The last two weeks have been pretty tough on Razorback football fans, and we here at Arkansas Expats Inc. decided it was time to indulge in a little group therapy. In today's edition of the Hog Call Podcast, Expat staffers Beau Wilcox and Doc Harper join me to discuss the sorry Bobby Petrino saga and its aftermath.

We talk about the cell phone records (a little), the impending coaching search, Jeff Long's performance throughout this sordid mess and our (admittedly very early) predictions for the 2012 season. All this and a whole lot more. Many thanks to Beau and Doc for their time.

To listen right now, hit the play button on the widget below. Download the episode and subscribe to the podcast by visiting TalkShoe or iTunes.