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To Interim Or Not To Interim? That Is The Question

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Like you I am sure, I've been moving around the different college football websites, blogs, and message boards trying to get a sense of where everybody thinks Jeff Long will go with his next hire and what rumors that exist about such a hire. Earlier I did a poll here where the majority voted that they would be happy if Long brought back Garrick McGee. Today's poll takes a different approach, for this seems to be the more fundamental question at hand - Do you hire somebody on a permanent basis, or do you go with an interim head coach from the staff that is already at hand? I think if John L. Smith were still here, it would be easier for Long to point to Smith as interim, what with his previous head coaching experiences at Louisville and Michigan State. Though I like the interim approach myself, for it would keep the staff at hand in place and working together, I just don't know which member of the current staff you select. Maybe they could vote amongst themselves? Hmm? Some democracy, possibly, in the autocratic world of college football. But certainly some democracy right here. Vox Populi, make yourself heard. Place your vote below.