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A Woo Pig Sooie, To Razorback Women

Yesterday was International Women's Day, so ideally this post would have been made yesterday. But the thought didn't occur to me to connect that with recognizing the importance of the Razorbacks' many female fans until last night right before bed. A better late than never thought I decided. Not only do Razorback women go to the games or watch them on television with us, as mothers they might have bought us that first Razorback t-shirt or jersey for Christmas when we thought it was Santa Claus doing all the work. As daughters, they clearly out-cute the rest of the SEC's little girls in their cheerleading uniforms. As wives or girlfriends, they recognize the importance of the Hogs to us, but often help us keep things in perspective as well. In my case, it was a grandmother who set the example for me of what a truly dedicated Razorback fan looked like. And it is now her daughter that goes with me to each game I attend and talks to me on the phone about the latest Razorback news, whether it be up or down. Yes, traditionally we think of the college football line running from father to son and so on. But it also runs through the female side of a family tree as well, especially in the South. My father likes the Hogs, but when painting my family's portraits, it was my mother I painted at a Razorback game.

So to all of our Razorback women out there, a true Woo Pig Sooie to you for the fans you are in your own right, or for simply putting up with the fans that we are. No college football season would be the same without you! Can I get a second on that motion? I bet I can.