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Report: Former Razorback Signee Aaron Ross Commits to Texas Tech

With the Hogs undergoing yet another late-season flameout, it's been a bleak few weeks for Razorback basketball fans. Don't look to Aaron Ross to ease your pain.

The former Little Rock Parkview forward, who was a member of the highly touted 2011 recruiting class assembled by the man whom we must now blame for all that is wrong with the world (that would be former head coach John Pelphrey), failed to qualify academically and spent this year playing at St. John's Academy in Delafield, Wis. The hope among Hog fans far and wide was that Ross would be wearing a Razorback uniform next fall. The gifted scorer would have been a welcome addition to a team sorely lacking offensive firepower.

Unfortunately, Ross, who verbally committed to Arkansas as a ninth grader, has decided to sign with Texas Tech. We can't fault a young man for falling in love with the abundant charms of Lubbock, Texas, but this is still ... well ... it's a big fat bummer.

(hat tip to Whit E. Knight for the link)