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Trading Chickens for Another Tiger?

Searching the internet for some college football buzz this morning, I came across some information coming out of South Carolina that the Gamecocks are looking at trading the Hogs as their permanent opponent from the SEC West with newbie Texas A&M. In the future (beginning with 2013), the Hogs would instead travel to Columbia, Missouri, every two years. That would give us three tigers every year! Auburn, LSU, Missouri. This is coming from Harris Pastides, South Carolina's president. He is also the leaker who said the SEC was moving to nine conference games, which doesn't seem to be the case right now. So don't consider this move as a done deal. But how would you feel about it if the Hogs did lose South Carolina for Missouri? Such is the subject of today's poll. Personally, I am okay with it from the Arkansas perspective, but I think Missouri fans are going to be upset about not being able to play a game in the fertile Texas recruiting grounds every other year. I would be.