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The Hogs on Jersey's Shores? Possibly

I thought we needed a topic besides last night's basketball game to end the day with here, so I went hunting for some Razorback news and came across this report from Chris Bahn and company that the UofA is close to reaching a deal with Rutgers for a home and home series. This will complete the 2012 schedule, with I am assuming the first game of the series being a home game in Fayetteville. In 2013 the Hogs would play in New Jersey, hopefully early in the year. Have the Hogs ever played that far north before? Not in recent memory, I can say that. Though I was hoping for a bigger name to fill out the season, I'll take Rutgers, which has come along in respectability in recent years and is not some directional school from a non BCS conference. But that's my opinion. Answer our poll with your take on Rutgers being the final team on our schedule in the year the Hogs win the national championship. Thinking positive here! And it would be fitting, for college football itself began with Princeton vs. Rutgers in 1869. You don't automatically think of college football when you think of New Jersey, but the Garden State is where it was born.