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Georgia Bulldogs 81, Arkansas Razorbacks 59

ESPN's Bracketology guru Joe Lunardi was recently asked in a chat if the Razorbacks would make the NCAA with a 10-6 conference record and two wins in the SEC Tournament. Lunardi, presumably taking a break from putting together his latest projections for the 2048 NCAA Tournament, replied, "Maybe ... ."

Assuming for a second that Lunardi is correct, the Hogs' chances of making the Big Dance probably went up in flames this evening. It's hard to imagine Arkansas getting 10 conference wins after tonight's loss in Athens. The game against Georgia appeared to present the Razorbacks with their best chance for a road win. Instead, Arkansas turned in easily its worst performance of the year.

The Hogs were basically bludgeoned from the get-go by a team that carried a 1-7 SEC record into tonight's contest, and to make matters worse, Michael Sanchez went out with a bad-looking shoulder injury. No word yet on his status.

What are your thoughts? Will these Hogs ever notch a road win?