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Did You See Ryan Mallett At The Super Bowl?

I knew Ryan was the third string quarterback for the Patriots, so I wasn't expecting to see him on the field. However, I kept an eye on the sidelines with the thought of seeing him there. I didn't spot him there, but I think I did see him in sweats and a ball cap following Tom Brady into the tunnel at the start of half-time. At least I thought it was him. He might feel a bit cursed this morning after being on the sideline of the losing Patriots this year to follow up on last year's loss in the Sugar Bowl. However, I think Ryan is going to have a chance in his own right to put up some big wins in the future. Here's a link to an article from the Boston Globe about Ryan and how he is getting along with the Patriots. I didn't spot Ugoh or Petrus on the field for the Giants. Maybe one of you did? Either way, they'll still get Super Bowl rings. Congratulations, Giants. As for Tom Brady, I still hold a grudge for the 1999 Citrus Bowl, so I am not shedding any tears for him.