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Podcast: Rus Bradburd, Author of "Forty Minutes of Hell"

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With ESPN set to debut its "40 Minutes of Hell" documentary on Saturday evening, we thought it was time to interview Rus Bradburd, the man who authored "Forty Minutes of Hell," the excellent 2010 biography of Nolan Richardson. The book is actually more than just a chronicle of Richardson's incredible life: it's also an examination of the struggles of African-American coaches in NCAA sports.

In this episode of the Hog Call Podcast, Bradburd - dialing in from Ireland, by the way - discusses Richardson's life and career in depth. He talks about Nolan's upbringing in El Paso, the influence of UTEP coach Don Haskins, the death of his daughter Yvonne, his tortured relationship with Frank Broyles and Jeff Long's hiring of Mike Anderson. He also describes why he was recently compelled to call the Hogs and even drops a much-appreciated Byron Irvin reference. Suffice to say, I could have talked with him for hours. Many thanks to Rus for his time.

To listen right now, hit the play button on the widget below (note: the audio cuts out for a few seconds at the 12 minute, 48 second mark). Download the episode and subscribe to the podcast by visiting TalkShoe or iTunes.