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Football Trivia in February

Tomorrow is the once every four years, February the 29th. You know what that means don't you? Yeah, one extra day put between us and the start of the 2012 college football season! haha. Blame Julius Caesar, not the NCAA. Now with the schedule all finalized, we know that the Hogs begin the 2012 season with Jacksonville State in Fayetteville. This is how the season after the greatest season since the famed 1977 season begins. How will the Hogs follow-up such a performance? In 1978 they followed it up with a decline from 11-1 to 9-2-1, with the tie being in the Fiesta Bowl vs. UCLA. The losses were on the road to Texas and Houston. Our collective hope is that Petrino and company can keep things marching upwards still in 2012 and not suffer a decline in wins. The subject of today's trivia question turns the clock back to 1978 when the Hogs began the season in Little Rock vs. a current SEC team. Which SEC team was it? Click your choice and then look in the comment section for the correct answer.