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Let's Start The Bobby-Bus

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I'm nothing if not an advocate for the fan experience. Whether a game is in Fayetteville or Little Rock (Incoming! Take cover! Stadium War Happening!) the trip in and of itself is part of the tradition for many fans. On football Saturdays, I-40 and I-540 becomes a caravan of stickers, flags, shakers, wind socks, puppets, and cheers. Some even have their own playlist featuring the fight song and other anthems. Or if you're driving home after a loss and only want to hear tales of sorrow, you may only be consolable by this country music masterpiece.

But in order to win the national championship of game trips, perhaps Arkansas fans should look at our new SEC brethren to the southwest. Not only are there companies that provide party buses for Texas A&M fans to travel from Houston to College Station and back for football games (Arkansas companies offer similar services), but Texas A&M provides space on campus for those traveling via party bus to tailgate before and after games! (more after the jump)

Like the tweet says, they get Lot 65 on the A&M campus, which according to my Google-based research, is quite a decent campus location. You can see the parking map here. And Texas A&M, like many college campuses not in Fayetteville, is remarkably flat and easily walkable. And Party Bus Houston appears to be sparing no expense on luxury. There are TVs, leather seats, and stripper safety poles.

Let's start the bus tradition now. Find an adequate spot on campus/golf course for what we'll call Bobby-buses. They can be like bus versions of the RazorBug. For the fancy types, we can stock them with speakers and laser shows.

I've long thought it'd be cool to get an Amtrak train to be a designated Razorback train for the Southwest Classic. The train could collect fans on their way to Arlington and allowing them to get an early start on the tailgating since they wouldn't be driving. I still think that would be great whenever Arkansas plays in Cowboys stadium. Whether it's a train or bus, it would curb the risk of drunk drivers and save the gasoline from what would otherwise require 10 or so vehicles. Allow fans who aren't able to begin tailgating at dawn to get a start on the road and help create that all important hostile environment each fanbase strives for. Where do I sign up?