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Your Moment of Razorback Context: Ole Miss in Little Rock

The newsroom here is all abuzz with the BREAKING NEWS about the 2012 football schedule, as reported below in the blog. The interns have been working at full speed and have just handed me this report. This JUST IN from our wikipedia desk. Arkansas has played Ole Miss in Little Rock a total of 14 times. The series is tied with each team getting six wins. There's also a tie that both teams agree on was a tie and one disputed game from back in 1914. Ole Miss won the game on the field, but Arkansas claims it as a win all the same due to an ineligible player charge. Here's a complete look at the series in Little Rock over the years.

1913 Arkansas 10 / Ole Miss 21 (Loss)

1914 Arkansas 7 / Ole Miss 13 (Disputed)

1924 Arkansas 20 / Ole Miss 0 (Win)

1937-1947 Arkansas and Ole Miss played in Memphis. Outside of Oxford and Fayetteville, the two teams have also played during the regular season in Jackson, Mississippi.

1952 Arkansas 7 / Ole Miss 34 (Loss)

1954 Arkansas 6 / Ole Miss 0 (Win) This is the game of the famous Powder River Play.

1956 Arkansas 14 / Ole Miss 0 (Win)

1958 Arkansas 12 / Ole Miss 14 (Loss)

1960 Arkansas 7 / Ole Miss 12 (Loss) Frank Broyles never registered a win over Ole Miss while coaching Arkansas.

1982 Arkansas 14 / Ole Miss 12 (Win)

1984 Arkansas 14 / Ole Miss 14 (Tie)

1986 Arkansas 21 / Ole Miss 0 (Win) The Hogs' defense tends to rock in the Rock when beating Ole Miss.

1988 Arkansas 21 Ole Miss 13 (Win)

1990 Arkansas 17 Ole Miss 21 (Loss)

1992 Arkansas 3 Ole Miss 17 (Loss)

2012 Arkansas _ Ole Miss _ ( ) But I am predicting a win!

If you have any memories of these games that you would like to share, please share them in the comment section. I've only seen Ole Miss in Fayetteville myself. But I will be in Little Rock to see the Rebels this year. I wonder what Houston Nutt is thinking? "If I could have just made it one more year in Oxford!" - possibly. And Arkansas fans might have had another fly-over banner for him too! haha.