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LSU Game To Fayetteville, The Scarlet Knights As Well

Well, it has come about per this report that the Hogs will play LSU in Fayetteville after Thanksgiving and Rutgers in a home and home beginning with a game on September 22nd in Fayetteville. The Little Rock crowd will still keep an SEC game. I think their choice of Ole Miss on October the 27th is a good one. You tend to agree with me if we go by the poll that we set up. Ole Miss was the preferred team. And there's a good bit of history of playing Ole Miss at War Memorial as well, so being a history and tradition kind of guy, I like that. Texas A&M would be a good team to select for years when the Hogs are playing Ole Miss in Oxford. That is if the Arlington agreement is not kept. Right now it just says TBD per the report on the link. (Haha, Beau is on the job! He beat me to it by a minute or so. But as you can see, it is a big news item and worth two reports, I think.)