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Sausage Links - December 6, 2012

Bielema, more Bielema, and a side of Vols.

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The search is over my friends. Jeff Long did it again. The man is magic. Bielema will bring smash-mouth football back to Arkansas. It might not be a quick transition, but I have no doubt he has the ability to turn things around. He is confident, young and has a beautiful wife. Three things that you have to love. If you don't believe me about Mrs. Bielema check out this picture. Now tell me the man can't recruit. Good job coach. He was also raised on a hog farm. I don't want to get over excited, but he may just be the perfect hire. Here is more on the new Head Hog from ESPN.

Nope, not done talking about Coach B yet. I may just have every Sausage Links article about him today, because I am jacked up about the hire and I have had to much coffee. Have I mentioned that he was raised on a freaking hog farm yet??? Yeah, I know I have, but it is awesome. Not counting the hog farm, there are more reasons to like Coach Bielema at Arkansas. James Brown from the Bleacher Report has 5 reason why the new coach is a perfect fit at Arkansas.

Tennessee is not as fortunate as Arkansas, and has not yet hired an awesome coach. Tennessee has been trying to hit home runs like John Gruden and Mike Gundy. Then they tried to hit a triple with Charlie Strong. All of whom said no. That's okay though Vol fans. We just went through some rejections as well, but it turned out great for us. Maybe instead of a big swing you guys should just try to lay down a bunt. Jason Kirk of SB Nation goes through some choices that are left for the Vols.

God, it must be nice to be a top-rated recruit. Andrew Wiggins is top-rated basketball recruit. He is about 10 years younger than me and I am extremely jealous of him. Not because of his age, or the fact that he will most likely be a millionaire in a few years (Because I am totally going to win the lottery, no doubt in my mind). I am jealous of him because he gets to go on recruiting trips. Ryan Hudson of SB Nation looks at some fans begging Wiggins to come to their school.