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Bielema Introductory Press Conference Scheduled for 4:00 PM

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Jeff Long will formally introduce Bret Bielema to Razorback fans and media this afternoon in Fayetteville.

Fans should watch, and while he's probably not likely to say anything Earth-shattering, it will be an opportunity to gauge how confident, relaxed, and excited he is. The last couple of introductory press conferences have been awkward at best, but hopefully this one will be smooth.

Hopefully, Bielema will be asked about his comments regarding Urban Meyer's SEC recruiting tactics when he was starting at Ohio State, and how Bielema expects to be able to recruit in a conference filled with coaches employing that same mind set. Bielema's recruiting is probably the biggest question mark surrounding the hire. He'll probably also be asked about enjoying warmer Southern weather, so, it's kind of a crapshoot.

I don't expect him to flash his three Big 10 championship rings a la Houston Nutt flashing his divisional ring in a show of "hey, I quality!" but you never know.

Bielema arrived in Fayetteville last night on a flight from Madison. He was the surprise hire of a coaching search that has lasted since April. Here's hoping we never go through that again.