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Sausage Links - December 27, 2012

Coaching hires, SEC Offense, Les being Les, and great GIFs.


The new coaching hires have been made across the country. Some have been awesome (Razorbacks) and others have been not so awesome. Bill Connelly of SB Nation grades the recent coaching hires.

Everybody expects an SEC team to have a solid defense. Well most teams anyway. But many SEC teams are starting to show more gains on the offensive side of the ball. Multiple players showed promise this past season across the SEC. Arkansas will return running back Jonathan WIlliams, who showed glimpses of stardom. We all know about Johnny Football at Texas A&M. John Adams at has more on the expected splash in offense.

Christmas is about family and giving presents. If you haven't seen this video yet check it out. It really does warm the heart a little bit. Even though it's an Alabama fan.

Who here loves GIFs? I know I do! They are usually hilarious, sometimes inappropriate, but are always good for a smile. Check out the top 25 GIFs of 2012 football season from SB Nation.

When most adults go visit sick children in the hospital and play games with them, they usually let the kids win. Not Les Miles. Miles is a gamer, he goes for the win in any situation. Check out this video that Jason Kirk of SB Nation found. I'm just giving good ole Les a hard time. I think it is great that he takes the time to go visit these kids. Good job Les, but I hope you at least let the kid score one point.