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Sausage Links - December 20, 2012

Next Hog QB? Baseball #1. Henry snags another award.


It's just the preseason and it is only one of about 400 college baseball polls, but Arkansas has been ranked #1 by Collegiate Baseball in their preseason poll. This is the first time that the Arkansas baseball team has been ranked number one in the preseason. This could be a big year for the baseball team that returns multiple starters from a team that went to Omaha last year. Here is more on the Hogs' ranking from

Tyler Wilson's time at Arkansas is over as a player. Who will be the next to control the reins of the offense? The easy answer would be Brandon Allen, but there is a new staff and they may want to look in another direction. Brandon Mitchell has the running ability that former Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson had. Things turned out pretty good for Wilson under Bielema. Maybe Mitchell could have the same success? Don't sleep on Taylor Reed either. He played pretty well as a freshmen at Memphis. Jacob Blalock of Bleacher Report looks at the candidates who may take over for Tyler WIlson.

Another day, another award for Arkansas commitment Hunter Henry. Henry was named to the first team USA Today All-American team. Henry is a big kid with great hands. Bielema has a history of putting tight ends in the NFL and Henry has a good chance to be next. Richard Davenport of has more on Henry. Check out his senior highlights too; they are pretty sweet.

Some sports are more fun to watch than others. Some games leave you nervous and pacing back and forth in your living room, while others just help you go take a nap. Jon Bois of SB Nation reviews and illustrates the worst games of 2012. I have no idea how the Arkansas - Alabama game did not make the list.

Get excited folks, the new SB Nation college basketball power rankings are out. However, our precious Hogs are not on it. I know. Shocking. We are not quite there yet, but the Hogs are a work in progress, and have a lot of potential. The Hogs will take on Robert Morris tonight in Bud Walton, and hopefully will continue their winning streak. Here are some game notes from