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Excerpt: Bret Bielema And Modern Coaching Culture

Kevork Djansezian

This is an excerpt from a post on my blog, The Sports Seer. You can read the entire column here.

Americans, after all, prize a certain schizophrenia in the coaches of our favorite game. On one end, they are expected to be near workaholics able to wring every last bit of aggression out of their players on the field. Yet these same men are also supposed to always keep the long term good in mind while teaching players to subdue impulsive behavior off the field.

The problem there’s much more money in doing the former better than the latter. And that money gets more obscene by the year.

The result: As college football gets bigger as a business, so does the cognitive dissonance its fans try to deal with. This was most evident after last week’s wave of hirings, when coaches such as Bielema, Gus Malzahn and Tommy Tuberville were criticized for blindsiding their previous bosses by taking more lucrative opportunities elsewhere.