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Sausage Links - December 18, 2012

B.J.'s future. Best football conference? NBA replica jersey resurgence.

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Basketball season is underway, and the Razorbacks have had some ups and downs. One of the bright spots has been B.J. Young. This is most likely Young's last season as a Hog as many expect him to try his hand in the NBA draft. Young, while reckless at times, has always been the most talented player on the court for the Hogs. The latest NBA draft board on the Bleacher Report, has Young projected at 19. The board has another Arkansan on it as well, but I don't like to talk about him because he went to Kentucky. Take a look at Alex Kay's latest projections.

The SEC dominates football. It is a known fact. Look at the past six national champions. There is a familiar trend in all the winners; they are all from the SEC ( If you are reading this I am sure you already knew that though). But I have some upsetting news. According to Paul Myerberg's article from USA Today, the SEC was not the best. Some guy crunched some numbers and they say that the Big 12 is the best. I know. I know, its crazy. I don't really care what the numbers say though. I know what I saw on the field this year and I say the SEC is still the best.

Arkansas is not the only school whose football team will have multiple new coaches on the sidelines next season. To get to know the new coaches around the league take a look at Chris Low's new article on

When I was a kid I had multiple NBA replica jerseys. My favorite was my number 45 Michael Jordan jersey. I also had a Reggie Miller team USA jersey that was pretty sweet. As I've grown older, I no longer wear them and have given them away. (Editor's Note: Dude, you gave away a Jordan 45 jersey?!)I don't care what the fashion magazines are saying though, NBA jerseys are making a comeback. Dan Grunfeld of SB Nation lists 10 great Christmas presents for people that love to wear jerseys. If anyone would like to buy me one for Christmas, I wouldn't mind. Just saying.