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Sausage Links - December14, 2012

Derek Fisher, Superstitions, Fantasy Football, Razorback Swimming

Ronald Martinez

Fans do crazy things for luck. I've heard of people wearing the same underwear or only eating certain foods. But I think this guy had taken it a bit to far. Yes, Alabama won, but I don't think it had to do with this super-fan peeing in his shirt. I do not understand it and thinking about it has left me speechless. Here is the article about the guy that likes to pee on his shirts, from our friends over at

Derek Fisher has made a name for himself in the NBA. He's won multiple world championships and has been an all-around good guy. He has made Arkansans proud everywhere. Why was he not a Hog though? How did this much talent slip through the cracks. How could he have effected the Hog program? To answer these questions check out Evin Demirel's article on the man we call D-Fish.

Fantasy football playoffs are here people. If you are like me and are barley surviving in your league, then you need all the help you can get. Matt Ufford of SB Nation has some ideas on who you should sit and start this week.

The University of Arkansas is celebrating 40 years of swimming and diving this year. Pretty cool stuff right? It kind of is, I guess. I have never been to an Arkansas swimming meet, but I am familiar with the swimming pool. I have played some pretty serious water basketball in the pool area. I have also jumped off the super-high diving platform at football camp. Great times. The Hogs have had some pretty solid athletes to hit the pool. One of the best was Cheryl McArton, All-American, Razorback-record holder and Olympian (for Canada, but still). McArton was a great Razorback and made the swimming program proud. Here is more on McArton and her experiences as a Razorback swimmer.