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Western Kentucky Hires Bobby Petrino

Yes, the "He'll Top Her" jokes have already spread on twitter.

Mike Zarrilli

I imagine a hot air balloon riding high in the sky, but catching fire and slowly but surely falling to Earth, the winds making the location of its eventual grounding uncertain. And when it does land, it just sort of crumples in the dirt, with the pilot muttering "well, here we are."

After being a rumored candidate at several schools this off-season, including Auburn, Kentucky, Arkansas State, Colorado, and probably more, all passed on Bobby Petrino without appearing to give him serious consideration. It appeared Petrino would be lost in the coaching wilderness for another season, sort of like when Voldemort had to hide in Albania for several years before returning to human form.

But the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers are bringing him back. They'll announce him as their coach at a press conference this afternoon according to WKU reporter Chad Bishop. Western Kentucky was led by Willie Taggart, who left for USF, who fired Skip Holtz, the son of Lou Holtz, who used to coach at Arkansas. It's the circle of life.

Petrino's first game will be in Nashville against the Kentucky Wildcats and their new coach Mark Stoops. You may remember that Kentucky lost to WKU this season, and with Petrino at the helm, that game won't be easier. I wonder if Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart alerted Stoops during his interview that the Wildcats may be the third best football program in the state.