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Sausage Links - November 9, 2012

New stories and some interesting thoughts. All the stories are awesome, I promise. I wouldn't lie to you guys.

Chris Graythen

Basketball season is here Hog fans. Tonight the Hogs take on Sam Houston State in their first game of the regular season. Coach Mike Anderson has high hopes for a team that is more prepared to play his up-tempo style of basketball. B.J. Young, Marshawn Powell and Mardracus Wade will hopefully lead the Hogs back to the NCAA tournament, after missing it the past four seasons. The Hogs are older and have more depth this season and should make it a fun year. The Washington Post has more on the Hogs up-coming basketball season.

South Carolina host the Razorback's Football team this weekend. The Hogs need to win two of their last three games in order to make a bowl(quit laughing it could happen). This is a huge game for the Hogs and once again they will need huge performances from Cobi Hamilton and Tyler WIlson. South Carolina will be without their star, Marcus Lattimore, after his devastating knee injury. Do the Hogs have a chance? Maybe, with a little luck and a few turnovers they may be able to pull one out. Daniel Lewis, of CBS Sports, has more on the game.

There is not a whole lot going on in college football this weekend, so I have a little treat for all of you obsessed gambles out there (myself included). If you haven't noticed Colin Cowherd's picks this season you are missing out. He has been on fire. Take a look at "The Herds" picks on If you take these games and lose I am not responsible, but if you take them and win I should probably get about 10 percent.

College basketball starts tonight, get ready it should be fun. Opening night includes three games being played on aircraft carriers or naval ships. That seems kind of cool. I don't really understand it, but I love that it shows support for our troops. I wonder what happens if a ball goes overboard? Who has to jump in and get it? That job would suck. I am only kidding I know that probably won't happen, but it is an interesting thought. Mike Rutherford of SB Nation has tonight's television schedule and what you should watch for.

Clemson got some bad news yesterday. Top-ranked recruit, Robert Nkemdiche, decided to part ways with the Tigers, Bad news for Arkansas is that he is looking at Ole Miss (Yes I said Ole Miss, who would have thought?), and it's really not that crazy since his brother plays there. Alabama will also get a look from him (I really really hope this does not happen). Jason Kirk of SB Nation has more on the story.