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Reasons to Hate: South Carolina

While there are many emotions Hog fans feel when it comes to SEC football, Pride, Joy (sometimes), and even Sadness, the most poignant emotion is Hate! Hate for those that share the same conference! Hate for those teams that have spoiled seasons! Hate for the team that stands on the other side of the field of the team we Love. Embrace the Hate, because it's South Carolina week, and they deserve it.

Streeter Lecka

History: It's a team we've beaten 65% of the time (13-7) , never tied, and have played every year for the past 20 years. But we don't seem to care a lot about them, but Arkansas has been bowl eligible 7 times in the last ten years and we've lost to South Carolina every year we haven't been bowl eligible. It's probably not a coincidence... While the 2005 hogs would've needed two wins over South Carolina to get eligible, the 2004 and 2008 hogs would've been in a bowl had they beaten the Gamecocks.

Future: With Missouri taking the place of the Gamecocks as the permanent cross conference opponent, we only have so many chances to beat the Gamecocks and Spurrier... might as well take advantage now.

Mascot: Sir Big Spur (originally called Cocky Doodle Lou - not kidding here) and Cocky (The magically appearing chicken) along with t-shirts reading "Nobody Licks our Cocks" make for a team and a fan base that is almost disgustingly focused on making you think about male genitalia. Try explaining that to your kid.

(Classic Reason to Hate) Hootie: Yeah, the heyday of Hootie & the Blowfish was a long, long time ago (sensing a theme here?), but the school that spawned one of the most terrible rock bands ever still deserves to pay for its crimes.

Distance: At 909 Miles, it's the 2nd longest trip for the Hogs in the SEC. It's just an extra 80 someodd miles to Gainesville.

USC: It's confusing.... I can't call them USC... I just can't.