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Sausage Links - November 30, 2012

Sausage Links: New Coach Please!!!, Syracuse game, Solid commitment.

Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Last weekend was tough to be a Hog fan. The Hogs lost three games in two sports. Arkansas' basketball team has a chance to get some positive momentum going tonight at Bud Walton Arena against a top-10 ranked Syracuse team. B.J. Young and company will have to step it up after suffering two losses in a row last weekend. Bud Walton should be rocking tonight, fans need to go crazy. The Basketball team has always been better when playing at home and hopefully they can pull off the upset tonight. Jared Smith, from New York SB Nation, has more on the game. Remember Hog fans, wear white to the game. It is a white out, which means EVERYONE needs to wear white shirts. Nothing looks worse than a white out gone wrong.

I heard there is a job opening in Fayetteville. Anyone know anything about this? Jeff Long's coaching search has made Hog fans go crazy. Everyone has "sources" and none of them seem to be right so far. Gruden? Not happening. Miles? Not happening (Thank God). Bear Bryant is dead so I would count him as a long shot. I can't even link a story to this subject because it would be non-sense to even read it. So I found something that I have heard a thousand times, but its not going to happen either. The idea of it makes me laugh. Jacob Blalock, from the Bleacher Report, has an idea of a man that should be in the conversation.

The state of Arkansas has not produced very many Army All-Americans. This year Altee Tenpenny has been selected and will receive his jersey at North Little Rock High School today. Tenpenny, an Alabama commit, is an explosive running back. Whomever the next head coach is needs to get his butt to North Little Rock and try to flip this young man. Todays THV, has more on Tenpenny.

Firing a head coach can make any commitment run off and join a more stable team. The current football staff has done a good job of keeping multiple commitments. Deondre Skinner, a tight end commitment from Louisiana, is still on board with the Hogs. He has multiple choices on colleges, but plans on sticking with the Hogs. A new coach that does not like to throw to his position could change his mind, but right now he is sticking with his pledge. He had a great visit to Fayetteville last weekend. Skinner loves the Hogs and Hog fans love him. Richard Davenport, of Whole Hog Sports, has more on Skinner and his commitment.