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Remember The Last Time Arkansas Played Syracuse

This is about the '95 team, so, you know, it's worth watching.

When people reminisce about the great early/mid '90s Razorback basketball teams, this game is rarely mentioned, but it should. It was from the dreadful opening round of the NCAA Tournament in Austin. Arkansas was nearly upset in the first round, and Syracuse nearly pulled off what would also would have been a big upset in the second round.

But watch the video, and you'll see it was a really spectacular game. It appears Corliss fouled out, Al Dillard was doing the things that made him my favorite player, and other general awesomeness. It also features a much younger Jim Boeheim with more hair.

The game was so big and intense that it still hurts our 'Cuse friends at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician when it's brought up.

Watch it, get excited, and make the Bud as much fun as it's ever been tonight. Remember, the game is unfortunately a white-out, and the UA has 10,000 shirts ready to go. I do wish the university would go back to investing in towels and shakers or something else that generates a sense of movement. It's a cooler visual than a bunch of people in white shirts. But still, should be a fun game.

**Side note, how about that UCLA/Missouri score at the bottom of the freeze frame? Damn Tyus Edney.