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Arkansas 19, Tulsa 15: Getting By

The Razorbacks lost their first quarter lead just before halftime, again, and played really sloppy offensive football for most of the second half, again, but pulled out one solid second-half touchdown drive, and fortunately for Arkansas, it was enough to claim victory.

I'll drag you to the end zone, yo
I'll drag you to the end zone, yo
Wesley Hitt

What's your favorite 2012 Razorback trademark? Losing the first quarter lead in a disastrous second quarter? That happened. Tyler Wilson taking hits that would put most of us in a coma? We had some of that as well. Some L decisions that had fans crying out in frustration? How's about that 2 point conversion? Or going for it on 4th down with a 4 point lead when a field goal would have put you up by a touchdown. Sounds about right.

But Arkansas also got some things that haven't happened so much in 2012: Breaks! Tulsa missed their first extra point, Arkansas blocked their next extra point attempt (Hogs' first blocked PAT since 2004), and Tulsa missed another field goal altogether. Meanwhile, one of Zach Hocker's kicks hit the upright, but it actually bounced the right way for Arkansas to pick up 3 points.

But most of all, defense actually happened! If we'd told anybody Arkansas would score 19 points, everyone would have thought Arkansas would lose. The Golden Hurricane came into Fayetteville averaging 39.5 points per game. Arkansas forced 4 punts, a turnover on downs, and won the game by forcing Tulsa quarterback Cody Green to fumble at the beginning of what could have been a game winning drive.

Dennis Johnson, who truly resembles a literal Razorback when he runs, had a typical Dennis Johnson game. He gained 109 yards on 22 carries, 43 yards on 3 receptions, and 4 yards on a horrific kickoff return. As per usual, he dragged Tulsa players along with him at least half the way.

Cobi Hamilton continued his steller season. 11 catches for 177 yards, including an amazing, reach around the defender grab for 29 yards on the go-ahead fourth quarter drive.

All in all, not a game that will likely be remembered by most people, but the Hogs managed to pull it out and possibly have a little momentum going as they embark on a couple of road trips on a quest to gain bowl eligibility.