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Rumor Leaked of Possible Les Miles Offer from Arkansas; Internet Breaks

This has probably been the most fun day of the coaching search so far.

Stacy Revere

Just when you thought the coaching search couldn't get any weirder - hell, when you think you've seen everything in general life, you get something new. This is so far beyond "out of left field" it's "out of the galaxy" or something.

It started out as a rumor on some blogs and message boards, but eventually was picked up by mainstream news sources. It even caused Hogville to crash for a while this afternoon. We have no idea if any of this is really legit. It's still really hard to believe it's a possibility. It seems like it may be an easy way to get a raise and extension. Even Chris Petersen and Jon Gruden seem more realistic.

However, it would be the most Les Miles thing ever for him to visit Fayetteville for the first time and go, "hey, this is nice! So, Jeff, I hear you have an opening?" After all, that's basically how L got the job in April.

Afterwards, well, here are some prime tweets from today. Enjoy.

And there's so much more out there. This is just a sample. And there's so many more jokes to still be made. It's a beautiful thing.


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