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Sausage Links - November 27, 2012

Tough weekend for Hog fans

Wesley Hitt

The John L. Smith era is over for Razorback fans after a heartbreaking season. Athletic Director Jeff Long has his work cut out for him in finding someone to be the next Head Hog, for the football team. Long will have to battle schools such as Tennessee and Auburn to get the best possible hire. Rumors are swirling like the winds in Fayetteville. Who will the next coach be? Don't ask me, I have no idea. Long knows what he has to do and has more on the situation.

Last Friday was a tough pill to swallow for Hog fans. Did we really think we could win before the game? Not really. Did we think we could win during the game? You know it. The seniors nearly ended their careers with a great win over a top 10 team. Questionable coaching decisions and a few mistakes cost Arkansas the game. LSU also had some phenomenal catches. The game was exciting and miserably cold. Tyler WIlson relied on Cobi Hamilton as usual, and Knile Davis played with fire that we had not seen from him this whole season. The game was closer than most Hog fans could ever have imagined. takes a look back at the game. At least we can now look forward to basketball, well maybe we should skip that too and get ready for baseball.

Every time you go to Las Vegas, it's a gamble. You either come home happy or depressed. The Hog basketball team lost their gamble and left fans depressed. The fast-paced Hogs went a big 0-2 in Vegas losing to Arizona State and Wisconsin. The Arizona State game was never really close in the second half. Marshawn Powell was not a factor in the game. B.J. Young did his best, but could not carry the whole team by himself. Kerry Crowley of House of Sparky, covered the game from the Arizona State perspective.

The Wisconsin game was a little different, but had the same outcome. The Hogs led for most of the game, but never closed the door. The Hogs tumbled in the second half shooting a miserable 32 percent. Wisconsin took advantage and shot 67 percent in the second half and overcame an 11-point deficit. CBS Sports has more on the Hogs' loss. The basketball season is far from over, but they need to kick it in gear if they want to live up to the fans' hype.