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Rasputin Shares His Prediction for the LSU Game. What's Yours?

Our staff prognosticator, Rasputin, is likely the oldest living Razorback fan. Today he shares his years of wisdom and eerily mystical forecasting abilities to predict the LSU game.

Ol' Raz has spent the last few weeks of this rather painful season either sleeping off massive hangovers from his potent goat's milk vodka or obsessively browsing the Internet on the lookout for tidbits about the Hogs' coaching search.

Today we found him passed out in the corner of Doc Harper's palatial office, but were able to rouse him long enough to get his thoughts on the LSU game. Obviously his mind is a little, well, scattered at the moment, so we apologize if his thoughts are even more jumbled than usual.

On Thanksgiving Day I know I should feel lucky,

But I can't escape these visions of Chucky.

Who is this man with the expressive scowl?

He's haunting my heart, though my head cries foul.

Franklin, Patterson, Briles and Gundy,

Hudspeth, Strong, Dykes or Al Bundy.

So many names, and so many rumors.

Around the web each one spreads like a tumor.

Who will it be? Even I don't know.

But I must admit, my stress is beginning to show.

To the woods I've journeyed too many times to find peace from my still,

And anonymously I've made more than 10,000 posts on Hogville.

But wait, you say there's a game coming soon?

With John L at the helm, singing a tune?

In that case, clear my head and focus I must.

I'll wipe away the cobwebs and mental rust.

Sad news I bring, but this I have seen:

LSU - 45, Arkansas - 14.

Does Raz speak the truth, or is he too preoccupied with the coaching search to give an accurate prediction? Vote in our poll, and share your own thoughts in the comments section.