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Jeff Tedford Fired From Cal

Will the Pac 12 opening create more competition for Arkansas?

Harry How

One of the tricky things about a coaching search is figuring out which schools are going to be Arkansas' competition in the coaching market.

Another domino fell today when Cal announced the firing of long-time coach Jeff Tedford, who brought considerable success to the Cal program the first few years he was there. They were often the competition the dominant USC teams faced in the mid '00s.

The Berkeley location and proven ability to win is attractive for many, and if you look at the quick list of names Bruce Feldman threw out as coaches Cal could consider, you'll find some of the same names that people have thrown around for the Arkansas job.

Cal joins Tennessee, Kentucky, and UTEP in the coaching market. Auburn has not yet made an official decision on Gene Chizik. Jeff Long has not formally announced that L will not return to Arkansas next year, but come on, we all know.