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The YouTube Videos Are Back: "Hey Grude"

Viral videos strike again. This time they are a little kinder.

When you thought we were all past the YouTube fiasco of tapped noses and Hog Hats, the make-a-video craze has struck again.

That said, this one has some real nice qualities to it.

Three Arkansas fans, keen on the idea of Jon Gruden coming to coach in Fayetteville next season, got together and made their own rendition of The Beatles 1968 hit "Hey Jude."

I am not a huge Beatles fan, but Hey Jude, being one of their less Beatle-sounding songs, is one that I can handle. I also am not offended at the idea of Gruden becoming the "Head Hog."

Throw in three guys sitting on the bed of one of their overly Arkansas-ed out room, harmonizing to some clever lyrics and you are reminded quickly how YouTube was used a couple of losses ago as means to show the ridiculousness of Arkansas fans.

Even Chucky himself has to laugh at this one.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The chances are slim, but if Gruden does take the head coaching job, a performance by these guys at the press conference is mandatory.