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Arkansas' Contribution To The Dooley Era

The Razorbacks only had the fortune of facing Derek Dooley's Vols one time, but Arkansas made it memorable.

I remember the 2011 Tennessee game quite fondly. Ever since the 1998 Steornover, the Vols are the team I most want to beat. I've always been disappointed that Arkansas vs. Tennessee as an annual game ended after the 2002 season when the SEC decided to switch from two permanent cross-divisional opponents to one. I even lived just east of Knoxville for a year after college and had to deal with Rocky Top first-hand.

So I looked forward to the 2011 game with great anticipation.

With Tyler Bray and Justin Hunter out with injuries, the Razorbacks were heavy favorites. Tennessee didn't even bother to bring a travel band. When Joe Adams returned his punt late in the first quarter, the game was effectively over (Note: it's surreal to see L as the coach on the sideline after the play. I know it feels like this year has gone forever, but dang, that's weird). The play went on to be a finalist for the ESPY Play Of The Year (in all sports, not just college football) and when this play didn't win, many Vol players tweeted expressions of relief. Those tweets were the best part in my opinion.

The game also featured Jarius Wright's juggle-catch and a late touchdown from none other than De'Anthony Curtis. No worries, Arkansas covered.

As a Razorback fan, I'm very proud that Arkansas made such a memorable contribution to Dooley's legacy at UT.

I still have an orange pom pom I found on the ground after the game. I consider it a scalp-trophy.