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Rasputin Shares His Prediction for the Mississippi State Game. What's Yours?

Our eerily prescient but increasingly erratic Russian prognosticator, Rasputin, has seen every Razorback football game since the program's founding in 1894. Today he shares this thoughts on Mississippi State.

As this not-super-fun season grinds on, Rasputin's notoriously poor standards of behavior have only worsened. Yesterday he threw a bottle of his homebrewed vodka at Chris Bahn so hard that, when it (thanksfully) missed, it destroyed a vending machine. Today he passed out on the conference room table and had to be dragged outside by five interns.

Despite such erratic and asine actions, ol' Raz continues to take his craft seriously, and spends hours each day sifting through pig entrails and tea leaves to divine the future. After a week of deep reflection, he has delivered the following prognostication for the Mississippi State game:



Cowbells galore!

Everywhere I hear cowbells, and then I hear more.

When will this cursed ringing in my ears stop? And is it due to the cowbells or the Hogs playing like slop?

As fans, our thoughts have turned to who will replace John L

While on the field our valiant warriors endure the season from hell.

Then the cowbells come back and my third eye sees Starkville.

A dilapidated town so far from our Hill.

Though my vision is cloudy due to the infernal sound

The scoreboard forecast is found.

And through the din of the cowbells, this is what I see:

Arkansas 13, Mississippi State 33

Is Raz on the right track, or have the cowbells gone to his head? Vote in the poll below, then leave us a comment with more detailed thoughts.