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Saturday Roulette: Taking a Gruden Break To Bet On Actual Games

It might be hard to focus on actual games when there's a Gruden-watch going on, and the Razorbacks are failing miserably, and we're all just waiting for the season to end, but we shouldn't take solid gambling opportunities for granted.

Remember that one time when we had a happy football moment?
Remember that one time when we had a happy football moment?
Streeter Lecka

This is the week when everyone looks at the SEC schedule and says, "Oh yeah, right, tough league." It's pretty indefensible, honestly. Hopefully, when the SEC goes to a 9-game schedule in 2014 (please, pretty please) we'll get a full slate of real games instead of a couple of decent games mixed with a ton of pay-per-views. It's a dream worth dreaming.

We went an even 4-4 last week, and are now 45-34 for the season. Here are this week's winners:

Arkansas (+6) vs. Mississippi State: Well, you know if the line can get Tyler enough time...or if the running backs can be productive enough...who are we kidding? Bulldogs. The Gruden-watch should be back in full swing by the fourth quarter.

Ole Miss (+18.5) vs. LSU: This game just doesn't have the same vibe to it since Houston Nutt's no longer part of it. For some reason, the Rebels passed on Gruden last year in favor of the sensible choice of Hugh Freeze. Can you imagine a Les Miles/Gruden matchup? That would be so much fun! Hey, maybe that'll happen next year, right?! What? Oh, ok. Ole Miss can hang within the spread.

Tennessee (+3.5) vs. Vanderbilt: Hey, remember when the Vols won that tight game against Vandy last year thenwent nuts in the locker room like they won the Super Bowl? I'm sure the Commodores have forgotten. And considering that Dooley is essentially done anyway, it's hard not to pick Vandy. I mean, do you have any confidence in the Vols? At all?

Syracuse (+5.5) vs. Missouri: It's got to be tough for Missouri. Before the season started, everyone thought they would be the new SEC team that would be instantly competitive. Tiger fans even thought they had a realistic shot to win the East. They have to beat a Big East team to earn bowl eligibility since they're likely to get blown out by Manziel, Sumlin, and company next week. Unfortunately for Mizzou, Syracuse is coming off a dominant win over previously undefeated Louisville, so the Orange are no gimme. I'm not sure who'll win, but I'll take Syracuse with 5.5 points.

Stanford (+20.5) vs. Oregon: It's pretty amazing that the #13 team in the country is a three-touchdown underdog to anybody. Especially when said team only allows 17.2 points per game. Of course, Oregon's no ordinary offense, but still, 20.5 points? I'm going with Stanford.

Want more? Here's a few more lines I like:

Ohio State (+2.5) over Wisconsin, Arkansas State (-3) over Troy, Iowa State (-5) over Kansas

Play along! Put your picks in the comments section, and remember, as always, on-field wins and losses can be vacated, but your picks live forever.


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