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Rasputin Shares His Prediction for the South Carolina Game. What's Yours?

Our eerily prescient but highly unreliable Russian prognosticator, Rasputin, returns from a mysterious hiatus and shares his thoughts on the South Carolina game.


We'll be honest: this season hasn't been easy on Rasputin emotionally, so when he had one of his occasional disappearances the day after the Ole Miss game and then didn't return for Tulsa the following week, we were concerned.

Then, yesterday he suddenly showed up at the office looking tanned, rested and not a day over 700. Will his rejuvenated state of mind lead to more optimistic predictions? Let's see...

The Farmyard Brawl has come again
A game the Hogs are known to win.
Three in a row, and five out of six
Both Houston and Bobby had plenty of tricks.

For John L, then, a delicate subject to broach
But I see defeat at the hands of the Old Ball Coach.
This year, I fear, the Cocks will have our number,
And will wake from their long, sad slumber.

My vision is more accurate than any machine:
South Carolina 41, Arkansas 17

Is Raz on the right track, or does he need more time off? Vote in the poll below, then leave us a comment with more detailed thoughts.