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USA Today Raises Legal Concerns Over L's Salary Structure

This story just won't end.

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Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

According to a USA Today article by Brent Schrotenboer, L and UA may have structured the payment of L's salary in a way to purposefully avoid including it in his infamous bankruptcy proceedings.

The article details how $600k of L's $850k was originally scheduled to be paid normally, but was changed over the summer to be paid months after L filed bankruptcy. The article quotes Scott Ehrlich, a professor and bankruptcy expert, as saying, "It was an obvious attempt to avoid having to turn the cash over to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee and alter the amount of income he had to show." That could be a big no-no.

I've normally tried to avoid commenting on L's financial situation simply because I don't like making fun of someone else's financial difficulties unless it involves the type of extravagant consumption documented on the latest 30 for 30 documentary, Broke. However, this article brings important legal questions into the conversation, not just for L but for the university as well, turning a "how sad and kind of pathetic" story into a "please don't do a stupid thing to try and fix a stupid thing" story.

As far as games are concerned, L's creditors are scheduled to gather in Fayetteville on Friday. Apparently, they don't care that next week is a bye week, which would theoretically be much more convenient than the day before a game, but that's how this season has gone.