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Rasputin Shares His Prediction for the Auburn Game. What's Yours?

Our ageless Russian prognosticator, Rasputin, returns from a mysterious hiatus with his cryptic thoughts on the Auburn game.


This season has been tough for all Razorback fans, but no one is taking it harder than Rasputin, our ageless Russian prognosticator who has seen every game since the program's debut in 1894. We lost touch with him after the Rutgers game and, when he didn't submit a prediction for Texas A&M last week we feared the worst.

But, this week one of our bravest interns ventured to the cave located deep in the Ozarks where he's known to spend his time and found the following bleak vision scrawled on the walls (we don't even want to speculate on what was used to write it). Suffice it to say, wherever he is, Raz remains in a dark, dark place mentally.

I thought I knew agony but I was wrong,
I foresee nothing but misery all season long.
The team is collapsing and our boys have lost hope,
John L says to smile but I'm looking for a rope.

This weekend we venture down to the Plains,
But memories of past glories are all that remain
From a once-promising season gone down the tubes
With our offense, defense and special teams all looking like rubes.

Auburn is hardly a mighty foe
Yet sadly I must predict more woe
Soon enough you'll see what I mean
For when the game ends the score will be Tigers 34, Hogs 14.

Ouch. Is there still hope, or is Rasputin's gloom and doom warranted? Vote in the poll below, then leave us a comment with more detailed thoughts.