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Feral Swine Headline Week 6: SEC's Worst Units Ready For Battle

Arkansas and their last ranked defense are set to take on the SEC's worst offense in Auburn this weekend.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come one, come all and witness the sure fire barn burner that is the 2012 rendition of Auburn v. Arkansas. You're in for a real treat this weekend, as the Tigers boast the SEC's worst offense (297.8 yards/game) against Arkansas' last ranked defense who has given up over 500 yards/game and upwards of 40 points/game. This could be a week to shine for both units, though the odds seem to favor the lowly Razorback defensive squad. Knock on wood.

Auburn quarterback Kiehl Frazier ranks dead last in the SEC in QB rating (96.0) as well as virtually every other quarterback statistic besides interceptions, he leads the league with 7. Although, Arkansas has been abysmal against the pass, this could be a week to gain some confidence against the Tigers. That being said Frazier could be the 6th consecutive quarterback to break a school passing record of some kind against the Hogs. Let's hope for the former. Auburn's run game, much like Arkansas', has sputtered to a horrific start this season as they average 153 yards/game. Though don't be surprised if burners Onterio McCalebb and Tre Mason break off some bug runs against the Hogs come Saturday.

The match-up between the Razorback offense and the Tiger defense appears, on paper at least, to be a bit more one-sided. Auburn, despite holding LSU to only 12 points two weeks ago, ranks 12th in the league. Although the Tigers only give up 211 yards/game through the air, they've yet to face a combo the likes Tyler Wilson and Cobi Hamilton. No matter what kind of run defense Arkansas faces, it won't matter if Knile Davis keeps putting the ball on the ground. John L told the media to expect to see more Dennis Johnson...Still waiting on that. Although, Davis showed flashes of his former self last week against A&M, his fumbling problem only got worse. Maybe we'll see more Johnson this week. Or, heck, maybe we'll just throw all game. Kidding.

Arkansas' defense could quite possibly make a statement this weekend. I mean, they could at least play decent against the SEC's worst offense, right? Right!? It could be a big week to improve an absolutely putrid turnover margin (-13) as well. By the same token, Auburn's offense could make a statement of the same kind. The difference between the two teams is that the Tigers have at least shown some fight and some hunger this year, nearly taking down LSU at home two weeks ago. The Razorbacks have shown no sign of life thus far. Either way, be sure to tune in and watch this match-up of cellar dwelling units go at it this Saturday, and let's hope we see something that doesn't have us praying for basketball season.