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The Weekend That Will Be: Week 6

A win this weekend is not going to help the Razorbacks so go ahead and do your thing John L.

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Arkansas at Auburn (ESPN)- Like Arkansas on Saturday, we will get started early into the games. If the Hogs are smart, they will go ahead and lose this game, though I do not believe that will be a challenge for them. Think about it. The season is not salvageable at this point. If the Razorbacks could find a way to win this game, it sets them up for the BVAA Compass Bank Bowl. It helps the athletic department to save the money. A win is not saving John L.'s job, but it might could save Gene Chizik's, which is a small victory for the Hogs. Aside from my own fan biases, Tyler Wilson deserves a win on the Plains after his performance two years ago, but it's not happening.


No. 4 LSU at No. 10 Florida (3:30 p.m., CBS)- On the road in the SEC is one of the toughest places to win, especially in an environment like The Swamp which appears to be close to back to its normal self. This will start a brutal stretch for the Tigers as their next five opponents have a record of 21-1 (Florida, USC, A&M, Bama, and Miss. State) that will tell a lot about this team and its chances of getting back to the BCSNC. LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger has struggled so far as the signal-caller, but he gets it together and LSU stuns the people of Gainesville.

No. 17 Oklahoma at Texas Tech (3:30 p.m., ESPN2/ABC)- Like every year, the Sooners began last season as a national title contender. They were beat easily by the Red Raiders in their own house. I don't believe as much in the revenge factor in the NFL, but it is a true motivator in college. Despite their perfect record and one of the top-ranked defenses in the land, the Red Raiders have no national ranking or belief in what Arkansas-born Tommy Tuberville is doing with the program in Lubbock. This game will not help as the Sooners win by two touchdowns.


No 5 Georgia at No. 6 South Carolina (7 p.m., ESPN)- It is for games like these that I watch football every weekend and wait all year for it to start again. Neither team is coming off of too impressive of a victory last week, but recent history says this game will be worth watching, as if the rankings were not enough. The talent at the skill positions is close to a wash. The game will be won inside the trenches. Watch the USC defensive front against a young O-line from UGA, while the Bulldogs boast a strong defensive front to the Gamecocks inferior O-line. Columbia will be wild until about 10:30. Maybe the Georgia bias has started to seep in after living here for 13 years, but the Bulldogs win on the road.

No. 8 West Virginia at No. 11 Texas (7 p.m., Fox)- This game should not be the shootout provided by the Mountaineers a week ago because the Longhorns have a better defense than Baylor. If Geno Smith can have time to pass, it will not matter how good the Texas secondary is. Look for Longhorn quarterback David Ash to have a big night against a porous WVU defense. It will not be enough as the Mountaineers continue to simply score more points.

Miami at No. 9 Notre Dame (7:30 p.m., NBC)- Catholics versus Convicts does not have the same ring to it as it used to, but both programs are on the rise. Obviously Miami has a further distance to climb and will be hindered by Nevin Shapiro's actions. I have said it before but the Irish will be back when they win more often and win big games. They will this weekend against the Hurricanes, a typical 26-7 Irish blowout.

No. 21 Nebraska at No. 12 Ohio State (8 p.m., ABC)- Another BIg 10 game featuring ranked teams with no shot of a national title on a Saturday night. Sounds like last week. However this week we will be saved from the heinous jerseys worn by Wisconsin and Nebraska a week ago. Braxton Miller will struggle early against a good Corhusker defense, but the homefield advantage comes to his rescue as the Buckeys win.

Late Night

No. 23 Washington at No. 2 Oregon (10:30 p.m., ESPN)- Feel free to mute your television as you watch this game. Matt Millen is the color analyst for the night and he was not good as the general manager of the Detroit Lions, nor defending Joe Paterno's unspeakable actions, nor analyzing football games. Do watch, however, to see the Duck offense, as they will likely trounce a Husky team that upset Stanford a week ago.

Upset special- Vanderbilt at Missouri (7 p.m. ESPN3)- The Tigers' move to the SEC has been disastrous thus far. Not only have they not won a conference game, but their Mr. Do-it-All DGB, you may have heard of him, was suspended for drug possession. Remember when he committed to the Tigers because he wanted to be close to family?

Best game with non-ranked teams- Texas A&M at Ole Miss (7 p.m., ESPNU)- Ole Miss took the lead against the Tide last weekend in Tuscaloosa, the only team to do so all season. I surely did not think I would be saying that before the season. The Rebels have shown some fight in them, and the Aggies have a weapon at quarterback in Johnny Manziel, as we know all too well. A&M wins their first SEC road game.

Atmosphere where I would most like to be- Georgia at South Carolina- for all of the reasons I listed above.

Season Record- 38-12