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Sausage Links - October 4, 2012

A look at some Hogs news and other College Football stories.

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Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

Razorback fans had hopes of either Tyler Wilson or Knile Davis bringing home a Heisman Trophy. That dream is pretty much shot. According to Bill Connelly of SB Nation, they are not even in the conversation. It's hard to argue with him. Neither have had the standout season fans had hoped. I guess they could buy a ticket if they want to go to the ceremony, but that's probably the only way for them to get in the door.

Razorback Football Coach John L. Smith had a rough September. October has not started off well for the head coach either. His finances are somehow worse than we thought. It is now being reported that Smith has more than $40 million in liabilities. That's a lot of change for a guy that will be looking for a job in a few months (if not sooner). Brent Schrotenboer, of USA Today, has more on Smiths' financial situation.

Okay, the Hogs may have been out scored 110-10 in their first two SEC games, but it is time for a turnaround (huge turnaround). The best thing to help a horrible defense is to play a horrible offense. The good news for the Hogs is that they get to play Auburn this week. Auburn's offense is pretty terrible, but so is the Hogs' defense. This game could be pretty painful to watch. CBS Sports Blogger Larry Hartstein, previews the upcoming game.

Another Razorback has been arrested. The good new for Hog football fans is that he is not a current player. Former Linebacker Bret Harris has been charged with terroristic threatening. ESPN has more on the story.

Tyrann Mathieu screwed up a lot to get kicked out of LSU. Good thing for him is that Tiger Coach Les Miles believes in multiple chances. Miles made a statement that has left the door open for Mathieu to return to LSU. Tim Blank of SB Nation, has more on the matter.