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Is UA Getting Rid Of The Smoke Jerseys and White Helmets?

A tweet from the Razorback football equipment staff suggests the school is trying to sell off the new uniform associated with this disastrous season.

Ronald Martinez

I joked when I wrote the fake Q&A with Jeff Long, I joked that the new football uniforms this season were for "players, recruits, and folks who buy the merchandise". I did not realize that those uniforms would actually be on sale two weeks later.

According to this tweet from the Razorback Equipment Staff, it appears a lot of it will be on sale at Hog Heaven beginning November 1st.

How much will you give for an authentic piece of true Razorback memorabilia from one of the most memorable years in Arkansas history? One would think you'd have to be a die-hard fan, or be big collector, to spend much on that stuff.

Remember when the people in Chicago got the ball Steve Bartman interfered with and held a public execution for it? Seems like that should be what happens to these uniforms. Arkansas needs to rid itself of the negative karma associated with them.

It should be noted that this doesn't mean the Hogs won't wear some form of gray jerseys again (the equipment staff twitter timeline just says they're done "for this season"), but if we can associate them with a better team, that'd be cool. We also don't know if this refers specifically to the white helmets, but that would seem logical.

What would you guys do with those uniforms?