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Sausage Links - October 30, 2012

Sports stories covering Arkansas and the SEC.


Football season has not gone the way Hog fans had hoped (understatement of the year possibly?). It is time for Hog fans to take their passion to the hardwood. Basketball season is here, and Coach Mike Anderson will try to bring excitement back to Bud Walton Arena. Larry Hartstein, from CBS Sports, previews the Hogs' upcoming basketball season.

Last week's football loss to Ole Miss was miserable. It stung, but all we can do now is forget about it and move on. The Hogs play Tulsa this upcoming weekend and could really use a win. The series between Tulsa and Arkansas is an old one. The Hogs have dominated the series, but there have been some close games and some losses. The Examiner takes a look at the history of the series.

Lets face it Razorback fans, the hogs are not good. Fans can blame whomever they want to, but the fact is the team is just not that good. The Hogs have made average teams look like championship contenders. Our own Doc Harper takes a look at multiple problems that have caused the Hogs to lose, for Arkansas Sports 360.

Last week Sausage Links broke a barrier. We discussed a sport that was not football, basketball or baseball. We took a look at swimming. With football is shambles and basketball not quite here yet for Hog fans, I think we should look at the recent Hog volleyball game. Good news people, the Hogs won. The volleyball team gave the Missouri Tigers the business. The Hogs won in three straight sets and improved their overall record to 18-6. The Hogs had 45 kills (don't know what that means but sounds cool) and 41 digs I tthink I know what that means but I wouldn't bet on it). Next up for the volleyball team is Auburn. Good win ladies, keep up the hard work. Liz Beadle, from The Arkansas Traveler, has more on the game.

Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron is a little banged up. That is not very good news for Tide fans, especially with them heading to LSU this weekend. McCarron should be good to go, but its never a good thing having a banged up quarterback. SB Nation's Randy Booth, takes a look at a few injuries for the Crimson Tide.